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Organization Name Research and Development Institute for Bovine
Organization Type Research institutions
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Description The Research and Development Institute for Bovine Balotesti (RDIB) is an institute under the coordination of the Romanian Academy for Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, founded in 1970. The institute has a total staff of 80, out of which 24 are researchers and research-technicians. RDIB has three research departments, as follows: Nutrition and fodder crops; Genetics and reproduction; Cattle production. Current research projects at RDIB are being focused on the following main topics: farm animal genetic resources conservation; molecular cytogenetic and genomic studies; improving production efficiency and animal welfare.
Facilities - Experimental herd of 120 heads of dairy cows included under pedigree performance recording;
- Experimental herd of 50 heads of beef suckler cows;
- Housing facilities for over 200 cattle, with tied and loose housing systems;
- Over 200 hectares of arable and pastures.
Expertise Animal nutrition; Feed production; Cattle breeding; Animal selection; Dairy farms production.
Country Romania
Region Ilfov
Zip 077015
Disciplines Agricultural Sciences, Animal Sciences
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Food Chain Categories Cattle, Sheep and goats, Breeding and genetics, Animal health and welfare, Mixed (animal + crops) systems, Forage and pasture, Bioeconomy
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