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Organization Name National School of Agriculture in Meknès
Organization Type University
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Description The Moroccan School of Agriculture (National School of Agriculture in Meknes (ENA)) founded in 1942 is the oldest agronomic and food sciences higher education institution in Morocco. Since its founding, it has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of Moroccan agriculture and agro-food sector through training future agricultural engineers with specific skills and knowledge in diverse areas of modern agriculture: environmental science, agricultural engineering, horticulture engineering, crop production engineering, agribusiness, rural development engineering and agricultural water management engineering. Furthermore, to meet the challenges of the current Moroccan sustainable development strategy for the agricultural sector, called “Green Generation 2020-2030” ENA is currently working toward goals such as sustainable management of agriculture resources, preserving biodiversity, strengthening Moroccan farms productive capacities and agro-food by-products and wastewater treatment, valorisation, and reuse. In this regards, enhancement of organic farming systems is one of the most pressing issues facing Moroccan agriculture sustainable development. In such a situation, ENA is striving to boost transfer of technology and know-how aiming to improve ressources use efficiency in agriculture, adopting innovative environmentally friendly agricultural practices and streamlining the current conventional management practices into an integrated organic farming systems.
Country Morocco
Region meknes
City Meknès
Zip 50000
Street National School of Agriculture in Meknès BP S/40 - 50 000 Meknès (Morocco).
Disciplines Agronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biosystems Engineering, Biotechnology, Communication and Dissemination, Consumer Studies , Environmental Sciences, Food sciences, Food Technology , Genetics, Microbiology, Soil, Water, Atmosphere, Technology in agriculture
Other Disciplines
Food Chain Categories Fruits (except berries, olives production and viticulture), Olives, Viticulture, Nurseries , Nutrients management, fertilization, Composting and manure, Soil (management, nutrients, quality), Pest and disease management, Crop health, quality and protection , Biodiversity and ecosystem services, Farm nutrient management
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